Aerial Line Marker

May 30, 2019



Low Voltage power lines are high risk to humans and birds.

Suitable applications for:

  • Rural Aerial Surveillance
  • Agricultural Industry (Crop Dusting)
  • Construction Industry
  • Mining Industry : Plant Equipment
  • Rail Industry
  • Aviation Industry (Low flying aircraft such as Ultra Lights)
  • Bird Diversion

Aerial Line Marker

These are some of the daily areas where fatalities have occurred with striking power lines that needs to be addressed.

The need to be aware of the surrounding areas, such as mapping information of power networks together with increased visibility are a start to mitigation of the problem.

Statistics released from the AAAA (Aerial Application Association of Australia) suggests a combined 57% of all wire strike incidents have resulted from Rural farm machinery or Aerial applicators. Some 30% of these were when pilots did not know the wire was there which unfortunately in some cases resulted in fatalities. In 70% of cases, pilots were aware of the wires but poor visibility, blindness or distraction, have all played a part in these deadly incidents.

Balmoral Engineering have been supplying the Power Industry for the past 25 years with their Tiger and Panther Tail wire guards.

Aerial Line Marker

These serve the purpose in Industry or Construction and Mining Sites as a safe guard warning, as they are also a Low Voltage rating for accidental brushing against or close proximity as a visual warning.
The need to be able to see clearly that there is a hazard above or approaching from a distance had seen numerous products on the market fail as some single, some plain types flapped in the wind on a horizontal plane, making it impossible to detect on approach.
Balmoral Engineering have now launched a new Power Line Warning Marker that can be seen 360 degrees with our new REFLECTA-VANE Rotating 3D Vane design. Utility networks have embraced our new marker as a solution to start mitigation of the problem.
Key features include 3/275 wire to large diameter ABS cable (2 – 50mm clamp one-size fits all) with ease of installation used with Hot Stick or Shot Gun Stick. Inlaid with soft rubber grip for anti-vibration and manufactured from anti-corrosive components and UV stabilised.
BIRD DIVERTER:  Balmoral Engineering R&D department look at bird mitigation and have commissioned UK professorial studies on large water birds and raptors in the designing of our warning marker. Our current large version can be used as a visual warning, not to be missed as it glistens with its 4 large reflectors in the breeze.Further versions are being designed for specific species’ vision and warning to reduce wire strikes and bird kills.
For more information, contact Balmoral Engineering or our Distribution network.