Bird Diverters

May 30, 2019

Bird Diverters – Coming SOON!

  • Designed in collaboration with Professor of Biosciences at leading UK University
  • Unique CHECKER PLATE pattern provides high internal contract irrespective of environmental conditions
  • Complex algorithms have been utilised to optimise the size and shape of the Marker to allow Birds across a range of species sufficient time to avoid collision
  • Custom white colour reflects both sun and moon light and imitates the native signalling present in the plumage of some bird species
  • High-vis premium reflectors
  • Unlike most other 2D designed products on the market, the 3D design provides enhanced visibility from all angles of approach
  • Aerodynamic design rotates for high impact visibility and reduces the line loading
  • Universal clamp fits all lines from 2-50mm dia
  • Can be installed by hand or with standard live line tools including telescopic sticks from the ground
  • Custom designed application tool makes installation easier and attaches to most hot sticks with universal end fitting
  • Anti creep clamp design with soft jaw
  • Bayonet or Eye Ring fitting available
  • UV stabilised and tough non conductive plastics with wide operating temperature range

Bird Diverters

3D Vane Part Numbers:
WM-CS-B-1A-CP | Bayonet
WM-CS-E-1A-CP | Eye Ring
Should you require further information, please contact our friendly sales team on 02 9482 4000