Energy Queensland and the Queensland Farmers’ Federation combine forces on power line safety initiative

September 16, 2021

During 2020-2021, there were 54 agricultural incidents involving overhead powerline contacts in Queensland, including sadly a number
of fatalities and serious injuries. Powerlines are difficult to see as there is no immediate and persistent reminder of their location, even in situations where
farmers or vehicle operators know where they are. Hazard recognition is essential, and workers must be aware of risks such as overhead powerlines.

QFF & EQ safety power lines
QFF & EQ safety power lines























Please follow the link to go to the full article on the Queensland Farmers’ Federation website.

Any business that has crops under or near lines, that plant, harvest, spray or irrigate should have a powerline safety plan and consider
installing overhead powerline markers, also known as rotamarkers. Rotamarkers help to alert farmers, workers, contractors, visitors
and family members and maintain a constant reminder of where overhead powerlines are located on properties. Ergon Energy Network and Energex are currently offering to install
up to 10 rotamarkers per property at a cost of $100 each. To encourage more farmers to take up this opportunity, the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) is offering for a limited time,
a co-contribution up to a maximum of $500 to match farmers’ funds of installing rotamarkers. A rotamarker is a worthy investment in powerline safety for your business.