Panther Tails

May 30, 2019

“Panther Tails”

Balmoral Engineering Tiger Tails® have been synonymous in the electrical powerline industry in Australia and New Zealand for many years. The diverse amount of national distribution companies all have different policies in use from visual warning in powerlines to brush contact insulation on low voltage powerlines.

Balmoral Engineering introduced a black wire guard model TPP for powerlines running through or near tree vegitation in short Tree Protection Pipe. Our product has now been self named by industry to be known as Panther Tails.

TPP is now used as an alternative to Tiger Tails® to distinguish from either warning to brush protection as individual work practices and work methods dictate in each state or territory.

You can be rest assured, if its a Tiger Tail® or a Panther Tail.

Panther Tails

Our Balmoral products are compliant to AS4202 650V Class I rated.

New Release Panter Tails come in:

TPP20 : 20mm 3m lengths with interlocking ends

TPP35 : 35mm 3m lengths with interlocking ends

TPP15 : 15mm 60m flexible coil for ease of threading along

All Panter Tails are 2-tone coloured for visual wear identification inside to out.

Item Code: TTP20
Item Code: TTP20
Item Code: TTP35
Item Code: TTP35

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