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Glen Cook of Energy Queensland, discusses combining safety tools and initiatives to minimise the risk of power line strikes and contact. Affecting the construction, agricultural and mining industries, power line markers are a practical and potentially life saving tool.

Shane Webcke, Australia Rugby League Legend! discusses farm safety from his own particular view point. He has found the installation of ROTAMARKAs on his farm in Queensland to be a practical initiative to boost safety awareness of overhead power lines!



ROTAMARKA installation options. Includes new drone UAV solution! Traditional options as well include stick, driver, helicopter for both transmission and distribution power lines.

Power Line Bird Diverters protecting The Great White Pelicans. Real footage of Pelicans avoiding marked power lines. Footage of helicopter installation on Transmission Lines and the science behind Avian Sensory Sciences.

Bird Diverters installed in Cape Town South Africa. Helicopter Lineman deploy ROTAMARKAs on a high voltage transmission line (installed on the earth wire). This was to protect The Great White Pelican who is suffering high mortality rates due to Power Line Collisions.

Lineman, Electrical Workers and Contractors the world over are looking for a high quality Rubber Insulating Glove they can depend upon. Whether low voltage Class 00 and Class 0 or high voltage Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 or Class 4, the Ansell Marigold range has the solution.

Utilities the world over are faced with the ongoing challenge of keeping Trees from interfering with Power Lines.  Typical strategies to deal with trees include regular tree trimming to set clearances which can be both costly and difficult to oversee. The Panther Tails are specifically built to protect Power Lines from Trees.

Utility Linesman, Jointers and Electrical Contractors rely on Insulating Mats and Covers for their protection during live works.  Class 0, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 to International Standards from 1000 volt through to 36,000 volts. AS 2978 Class A Mats are standard in Australia for low voltage Switchboard Mat applications. Class 0 1000 volt Switchboard Mats are also popular and provide high levels of protection for Switchboard Operators. Working live on Overhead Lines present risks some of which can be reduced through the appropriate application of Covers to effectively screen voltage differences between phase to earth or phase to phase.

Glen Cook, Principal Community Safety Specialist of Energy Queensland discusses the importance of Power Line Marking as a key safety initiative. This is part of their extensive Look Up and Live campaign designed to save lives and promote awareness of the dangers of Aerial Power Lines. Power Lines Marking is one aspect of this strategy and is complimented by other resources such as the Look Up and Live Maps.

Part 3 Professor Graham Martin Interview. Bird Flappers are a proven and effective way to mitigate Bird collisions with Power Lines. Professor Graham Martin is passionate about the field of Avian science and research. In this brief clip he discusses why birds are vulnerable to Power Line collisions whether this be distribution or transmission Utility wires. From birds of prey including Raptors, Vultures amongst others, to Wildfowl, Geese, Ducks, Bustards, etc, there are many species that may suffer injury or death due to Power line Strikes.

Building and Construction sites including road and civil works frequently encroach the normal clearances Power Lines maintain. It is not always possible to de-energize these high voltage distribution lines during extended periods of construction. Marking these Poles and Wires with the mini ROTAMARKA device provides a constant visual indicator. The dynamic form and function of the mini ROTAMARKA grab the attention of plant and equipment operators. This keeps the presence of Power Lines at the forefront of attention hence reducing the risk of conductor strike resulting in possible injury or death and major asset damage.

Part 1 Professor Graham Martin interview. Professor Graham Martin describes the worldwide problem of birds colliding with Power Lines (both Transmission and Distribution). This continues to have a significant impact a variety of bird species as well as causing power outages for consumers and costly repairs for Utility companies.

ROTAMARKA™ – creating a “Lighthouse” effect with flashing reflector at night.  The short video was taken roadside and demonstrates the high reflectivity of the Marker device despite partial obstruction by trees.

For forty-plus years, Balmoral™ Engineering has been servicing the Electrical Utility sector with a range of unique safety products designed to protect overhead poles and wires, while also protecting lives. With our new range of innovative products, designed to build upon this product legacy, please review this brief company video showcasing our range of products and services.

Part 2 Professor Graham Martin interview. Professor Graham Martin discusses which bird species are most vulnerable to Power Line collisions. Depending on a range of factors including acuity of vision, speed of flight, dexterity, behavioural patterns amongst others, certain species have higher collision rates than others.

Arc Flash Testing is becoming an integral part of PPE safety for those working in electrical environments. The Ansell Marigold Rubber Insulating Gloves presented by Balmoral Engineering is moving with this vital safety initiative. This short video demonstrates testing on the Ansell Marigold Class 1 Rubber Insulating Gloves.

Large birds of prey such as Raptors, or smaller climbing animals such as Squirrels or Possums frequently perch or climb Utility Poles and Wires. Because of the proximity between phase wires, this can often lead to electrocution of these birds and animals and damage Utility Assets. Now more than ever, power outages are benchmarked and down time can be costly. The Balmoral Engineering Wildlife Protection Covers are simple to install, clipping over standard Insulator Pins to provide a barrier between the live electrical components and wildlife.

Balmoral Engineering provides a range of safety products and services for Transmission and Distribution Utilities to protect Power Line and electrical infrastructure. These products also prevent unwanted contact protecting people and birds and animals from live electrical situations.

Utilities around the world are constantly seeking to improve their network reliability. One critical area that requires ongoing assessment is the wire strikes on the overhead poles and wires. Birds are particularly vulnerable and Bird Diverters are a critical mitigation option employed by Utilities to both save Birds as well as protecting their networks from damage and power outages. Construction sites, Aerial Agriculture and Mining sites are additional locations and provide a potential environment for collision and contact with Power Lines. The Balmoral ROTAMARKA combines a unique set of features to provide a best in class visual warning once installed on at risk Power lines.

Utilities require Overhead Power Lines to be covered to insulate, protect, or provide a visual warning. This can be during routine maintenance of Overhead Poles and Wires or during Pole Setting. It can be around construction sites when Utilities need to protect their assets and the general public or trades from inadvertent contact with live Power Lines when clearances get reduced during building activities. Tiger Tails™ and Lion Tails™ are an industry-standard product with unique safety features, they have been used by Distribution and Utility Companies for decades around the world.

ROTAMARKA™ Power Line Mini Marker installation demonstration with extendable or telescopic Hot Stick by a Linesman from the ground. Conductor height was approximately 8 metres from ground. Telescopic Stick was fitted with Balmoral Tool (LLCR) which fits on the end of the Hot Stick (Universal or Sun Riser industry standard attachment). This tool works with ROTAMARKA™ series that come with Eye Ring fitting only. Demonstration was performed in controlled conditions. Please see our Installation Instructions document and consult industry standards and guidelines, Network Owner work practices and safety procedures. Only for use by industry certified personnel.

Pilots must sometimes face the challenge of manoeuvring aircraft away from difficult to visualise Powerlines. Power Lines can blend into the background and appear almost invisible to the naked eye. The Balmoral Engineering™ ROTAMARKA™ with it’s Patent Pending 3D rotating design improves ready visualisation of the Powerline to which it’s attached. By demarcating Powerlines in such a way, this has the potential to save lives as well as costly power outages and asset damage.

Frank Drinan of Keyland Air Services, a respected name in the Australian Aerial Agricultural Industry, discusses how Power Line strikes by Aircraft can lead to death and severe injury of Pilots. There is also the potential for power outages and costly repair bills to fix damaged assets. Unmarked Power Lines can appear almost invisible to the human eye. This lack of visibility can make it extremely difficult for Crop Dusters attempting to navigate proximal Powerlines. The new ROTAMARKA™, combines key elements of internal contrast, three dimensional form and the element of movement to create a highly visible warning device.

Phil Hurst CEO of the respected peak industry body AAAA, describes the potential safety hazard overhead Power Lines pose to pilots flying in low level environments. He also discusses the issues around plant and equipment especially in the agricultural industry and the risk of contact with Powerlines. He then discusses a major safety innovation in the form of spinning or rotating markers which boost awareness and perception when installed on overhead Power lines.

The Balmoral Engineering™ Black & Yellow 3D Marker for visual warning of Plant & Equipment around Construction sites. The Ball Bearing version shows has a low initiating wind speed to maximise its visual warning through its constant rotating movement. Can be installed by an operator in a Bucket Truck or from the ground with a Telescopic Hot Stick.

Updated technique for installing Panther Tails™. Panther Tails™ come in a range of sizes and styles and are ideally suited for live works by Utility personnel, protection of Wildlife from Electrical incidents and prevention of Power Line contact with Trees.

Ansell Worker Experience Innovation provides technology-based protection solutions that enhance worker comfort, performance and protection, all for a better, safer day at work.