Where Eagles Soar!

April 27, 2023

A V-TOL Aerospace RPAS Team operating a V-TOL Rota-Fix Hornet successfully completed its first of two contracts with Ausgrid.  The team installed Balmoral Engineering Rotamarkas along a 1km pole to pole 11kV feeder at Lake St Clair, NSW. As indicated in the attached photo, these relatively thin conductors are very difficult to see from any angle.

Utilising the colour, size, and movement of the Rotamarkas, the conductors can now be seen from above and below out to 100s of meters. The key beneficiary of this work are the members of the local para- and hang-gliding club that operate above and around these conductors, along with a family of inquisitive Wedge-Tailed Eagles. Visually marking this span has significantly increased human & avian safety at this location. Well done to Ausgrid for delivering on this necessary initiative.