3D Rotating Line Marker for Building and Construction

June 1, 2019

Plant and Equipment coming into contact with power lines on construction sites is an all too common occurrence, potentially causing serious injury or death.

These incidents can result in major asset damage and power outages.

Our 3D Rotating Line Marker has been specifically designed to mitigate against these risks faced by Construction Industry workers and Electrical Distribution Utilities worldwide.

  • High visibility premium reflectors (optional)
  • Clamp comes with ‘soft jaws’ to both protect the cable and prevent creeping
  • Eye-ring fitting standard
  • Customer application tools to make installation quick and easy *
  • 3D design provides enhanced visibility from all angles of approach
  • Aerodynamic design rotates for high impact visibility & reduced line loading
  • Universal clamp fits all lines from 2 – 50mm diameter
  • UV stabilised and tough non-conductive plastics with wide operating temperature range
  • Industry standard Tiger Tails® black and yellow colour to promote internal contrast irrespective of background and lighting conditions (other colour options also available)

* 4Nm recommended tightening torque

3D Rotating Line Marker for Building and Construction3D Rotating Line Marker for Building and Construction