ActivArmr® Rubber Insulating Gloves
Make A Safer, Smarter & A Better Feeling Glove

Glove shape and texture designed for the highest levels of ergonomics and comfort

HV Gloves have dual layer safety feature (yellow inner, black outer) as specified by many Utility companies around the world

Manufactured without the use of solvents and hazardous chemicals utilising a proprietary aqueous dipping process

Manufactured in ISO 9001 and 14001 facility

Certified to EN/IEC 60903 and also available in ASTM D120

Options include acid, ozone and low temperature resistance

Available in a range of sizes, including half sizes

Available in a range of cuff styles including straight, bell and contour

They come in the complete range of classes, from class 00 through to class 4

Outer Protector Gloves custom designed to perfectly complement the Marigold Rubber Glove

Rubber Insulating Gloves & Sleeves

When it comes to personnel protection, low and high voltage rubber gloves are some of the most important articles to prevent injuries and save lives. The Ansell Marigold range, now ACTIVARMR, of Electrical Gloves provide the highest levels of dexterity and comfort, coupled with a highly integrated quality assurance process. Each pair of gloves goes through a battery of tests to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. ISO 9001 and 14001 certify the manufacturing plants credentials in this space.

One of the key advantages of our Rubber Manufacturing Plant is the Aqueous Dipping process. Due to the proximity of the manufacturing plant to the actual latex source, liquid latex can be delivered in a highly pure form without the need for volatile organic compounds. This technique ensures the finished articles reflect the quality of the raw materials utilised to manufacture the gloves.

Certified to EN/IEC 60903 and also available in ASTM D120, these gloves have complete traceability right from the factory which continues through the distribution chain. The Balmoral™ value add includes complete in-house HV testing services, that compliment the factory testing. Each pair of electrical gloves is factory tested in compliance with the EN/IEC or ASTM standards. In addition to this, Utility companies often require HV Gloves supplied “in test”. This means locally tested, date stamped and serial numbered. This provides an added level of traceability that inspires trust and confidence in the Lineman who depends on the gloves.

Available in a comprehensive line up of sizes (including half), cuff styles (bell/contour/straight) and classes (including class 00, class 0, class 1, class 2, class 3 and class 4).

Leather Outer Protectors Leather Outer Protectors
Rubber Insulating Sleeves Rubber Insulating Sleeves


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Rubber Insulating Gloves


Q:What standards do the electrical gloves comply with?

EN/IEC 60903 as a class 00, class 0, class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4 glove

They are also available certified to ASTM D120.

Q:What do the ASTM Classes signify?

Class 00 rates the glove for use up to 500V

Class 0 rates the glove for use up to 1000V

Class 1 rates the glove for use up to 7.5KV

Class 2 rates the glove for use up to 17KV

Class 3 rates the glove for use up to 26.5KV

Class 4 rates the glove for use up to 36KV

Q:What applications are Electrical Gloves suitable for?

These are a Utility grade glove, designed for use by Lineman to protect during live works. This can be during overhead maintenance activities or scheduled works. It could be during substation work or during live or potentially live switchboard panel operation or repair.

Q:What is the industry track record and history of use?

Manufactured in an ISO 9001 and 14001 plant these gloves have fast become a leading brand in North America, Australasia and Europe. Striking an optimal balance between quality and features, while still be competitively priced has seen major Utilities around the world place their trust in the Ansell Marigold brand.

Q:What are the required safety checks prior to utilising the gloves

Please refer to directives in the EN/IEC 60903 standard or the ASTM F496 in field guide for further details. These standards will provide guidance on when electrical testing is required from both an initial and periodic stand point. There are also additional safety checks necessary to be completed in the field inclusive of visual inspections and air testing to ensure the glove is safe for use.

Q:What is the colour system utilised on the gloves

The gloves use industry standard colour identifiers to assist easy association with the correct voltage rating of the product. The label on each pair of gloves has a corresponding colour which demarcates the class or voltage rating. For instance, class 00 has a beige label, class 0 has a red label, class 1 has a white label, class 2 has a yellow label, class 3 has a green label and class 4 has a orange label.

The HV (class 1 to 4) Gloves are also dual layer in their construction. Yellow inner, black outer. This assists the user by providing a contrasting inner and outer layer to facilitate visual inspections for any damage to the glove. Puncture marks or scratches will be more easily identified if the yellow inner layer is showing through to the black outer layer.

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