Since 1974, Balmoral Engineering has been manufacturing and supplying a range of safety products for the Electricity Industry with a core focus on the prevention of Power Line Strikes. We are a multi-generation family business with a long term view and partnership approach to working with our Utility customers. We have forged close relationships not only with our customers, but also our Japanese suppliers who are also a multi-generation family company. For decades these partnerships have developed with a foundation of trust creating bilateral respect and dependable outcomes. This is reflected in the tenure of many of these relationships, some dating back to the companies inception.


We help prevent damage to Utility Overhead Poles and Wires. We do this by supplying products used to cover over, or make Power Lines more visible. This helps to reduce outages and damage to assets, protects Wildlife and decreases workplace injuries. We do this through the manufacture and supply of a range of safety products. These include; Warning Markers and Bird Diverters, Line Guards and Hose, Pole Markers, PPE and Bird Protection devices. These products are often the result of direct collaboration with Utility companies. Frequently, the actual requirements or applications are so unique, that a customised solution is needed from the outset. The end result is a niche catalogue of products that are purpose built to protect lives and prevent damage to Overhead Poles and Wires.


It is easy to list a lot of noble ambitions that don’t reflect the customer experience. Being a multi-generation family business, these principals are truly part of the fabric and culture of our company. Focusing on the long term has created bilateral customer relationships grounded in trust, some that stretch back to the companies inception. Our core values include Innovation, Quality, Safety. While we might not be perfect, we have an ethos of continual improvement and we will not shy away from doing what is required to achieve these ends. To learn more, please browse this website, alternatively, drop us an email or call and a friendly team member will be more than willing to assist your inquiry.


Overhead Power Lines are vulnerable to collision from a multitude of sources. This can be from Plant and Equipment around construction sites, Aircraft during planned low flying activities in Agricultural Lands, or from Birds. Wire Strikes can cause major damage and costs can rapidly escalate. There is also the risk of serious injury or death to those involved. Balmoral Engineering have been working with Utility companies for decades with the aim at reducing or eliminating these ongoing problems through the supply of a unique range of purpose built products designed to make Power Lines more visible and or provide mechanical and or electrical protection.

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